About SeeSaw

SeeSaw allows you to visualize
real-time social media streams.

SeeSaw lets you discover, collect and share the things you saw with others. Now anyone can see hashtag conversations, topics, or keywords of interest: save and share them without ever leaving the stream or conversation.


See It example

Enter a topic or hashtag like "infographic" or "#instagram" and visualize.

Create and save real-time streams. You can See everything that's being shared or talked about and even watch videos without having to click out and lose where you were, who you were talking to or what you saw! Click the saw button to save anything you see.

SeeSaw zoom on topic


Saw It example

Save and share your streams and the things you saw. You can create and curate collections that are important to you. Organize visual content such as pictures, info-graphics and videos, or knowledge that is relevant to a project or interest.

SeeSaw zoom on topic

See what I Saw and join the visual
social media revolution!